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Busy Bee Basics Designs for Machine Knitting

Busy Bee Basics is Closed

This lists all the books that we published

Book 206, Making Cushion Covers, Helpful Book, £2.00 
The quickest and easiest cushion covers - make them plain, make them fancy, understated or over the top! Adaptable for bedroom and living room cushions, dining chair cushion pads, work chair and wheelchair cushion covers.
Book 205, Making A Textured Scarf, Helpful Book, £4.00 
You will never need to search for a scarf pattern again! Written for standard gauge machines - but will work with any machine (even with hand knitting) - choose your yarns, choose your stitch pattern, make a small tension square and follow the instructions in the book. Details also included of multi colour tuck and partial pin tucks to add texture to you designs.
Book 204, Making a Wrap, Helpful Book, £2.00 
Use your favourite yarn to make a luxuriously sized wrap, make it plain or patterned, but make it today. A wonderfully quick way of making a professionally styled wrap with no increasing or decreasing.

Book 203, Making a Poncho, Helpful Book, £2.00
Use your favourite yarn to make a very stylish poncho, make it plain or patterned, but make it today. A wonderfully quick way of making a professionally styled poncho with no increasing or decreasing.
Book 202, Busy Bee's Guide to the Garter Carriage, Helpful Book, £4.00 
A book full of interesting things you need to know about your garter carriage. With a really clear layout that makes it easy to read and easy to refer to whenever help is needed! Ideal for the new or nervous garter carriage owner.
Book 201, Your Knitleader Explained in Plain English, Helpful Book, £3.50 
From taking the Knitleader out of the box, setting it up, choosing and tracing a chart, knitting and measuring the tension square correctly, selecting the stitch scales and knitting by following the chart and the stitch scales. Make your Knitleader work for you!
Book 200, Cut & Sew Neckline Templates, Helpful Book, £3.50 
An A4 book full of round and V neckline templates for you to trace onto the free tissue paper. There is plenty of choice with necklines sizes for children, ladies and men, front and back necklines are included.
Book 83,  Rhuddlan Castle, Garter Carriage, £4.00 
Three new 24 stitch patterns for the garter carriage, all knitted in Yeoman Panama Acrylic/Cotton. Book includes a sleeveless top, top or sweater with long or short sleeves, and a classic round neck sweater with border pattern. Sizes vary, 30"-46".

Book 82, Denbigh Castle, Garter Carriage (Electronic), £4.00
Two new patterns for the electronic machine and using Yeoman Sport Shrink Resist Wool; includes a classic cardigan/jacket with a closely textured all-over pattern, and a classic sweater with central motifs and side patterns.
Book 81, Glenshee, Standard Gauge, £4.50
A Fair Isle Ensemble for 24 stitch (or electronic) machines. Wonderfully warm sweater with matching hat, scarf and mittens, and coordinating fisherman's rib comforter scarf. 4 ply yarn, 80% Acrylic, 20% wool (Spectrum Tango or Forsell Shamal). Sizes 32"-46".
Book 80, Aviemore, Standard Gauge, £5.00
A Fair Isle Ensemble for Electronic Machines. Wonderfully warm sweater with matching hat, mittens and stole scarf, and coordinating fisherman's rib comforter scarf. 4 ply yarn, 80% Acrylic, 20% wool (Spectrum Tango or Forsell Shamal). Sizes 32"-46".
Book 79, Criccieth Castle, Garter Carriage, £4.50
Four patterns specially designed for Tamm Yarns which are so popular in North America. The matching cardigan and top are knitted in Tamm Spirit which is equivalent to our 4 ply, but Tamm Cancun and Rayito are thicker yarns.
Book 78, Simply Summer, Standard Gauge, £4.50
V neck cardigan with narrow bands and concealed buttonholes; boat neck and scoop neck tops; V neck top with set in sleeves and narrow, rolled neckline; tuck lace top with short sleeves and square armholes. Cotton or Panama, sizes vary, 32"/44".
Book 77, Baby Today, Standard Gauge, £4.00
Round neck cardigans with colour blocks and stripes, V neck cardigan with cables and contrast colour trim on bands, round neck top with short sleeves - in tuck lace, notched neck top with colour blocks and stripes, matching trousers with warm ankle cuffs. Sizes 16"-22"
Book 76, Chirk Castle, Garter Carriage, £4.00
Three longer length sweaters for winter. One has unusual twisted rib sleeves, collar and deep welts; the second is mainly stocking stitch, has set in sleeves and an original GC stitch design for the collar, cuffs and welt; the third is a tunic style with an all over leaf design. Sizes
Book 75, Cardigan Castle, Garter Carriage, £4.50
Four cardigans for men. All V neck, choice of set in sleeve, semi-set in sleeve or square armhole. 4 ply, variety of 24 stitch textures. Sizes vary, 36"-50"
Book 74, Summer Splendour, Garter Carriage, £5.00 
Modern sizes, 24 stitch designs. Twinset (V neck cardigan and short sleeved top) in Yeoman Aurora; slipover, square neck top and summer sweater in Yeoman Panama. Sizes 30"/32"-44"/48".
Book 73, Aran-style cushions, Garter Carriage, £3.00 
3 cushion covers to fit 16" pads. The Aran-style patterns are knitted in DK Acrylic – 2 cones of yarn will make 5 cushion covers! Each cover is trimmed all round, various interesting closures – no zips!
Book 72, Chenille Cushions, Standard Gauge, £3.00 
Three covers to fit 16" pads, each uses 100g 4 ply chenille/ 100g 4 ply. Trimmed all round, various closures (no zips).
Book 71, Classic scarves, Garter Carriage, £2.00 
Three easy scarves using the GC. See main feature. 4 ply Acrylic scarf with zigzag design lies flat straight from the machine; 2 scarves in Riverside’s pressable, multicoloured glitter yarn are beautiful accessories to any winter coat or fine enough to slip under a coat.
Book 70, Cardiff Castle, Garter Carriage (Electronic), £6.00
GC collection for electronic machines with a 200 stitch patterning facility – these patterns are very large! Aran-style sweater, matching round neck cardigan, classic jumper with large motifs, and ‘sampler’ style tunic with straight edges to sleeves and hems. Specially designed garter carriage borders. All 4 ply. Sizes vary, 30"-48".
Book 69, Weobley Castle, Garter Carriage, £5.00 
New edition - previously Warm & Wonderful. Four beautifully textured 24 stitch patterns for ladies. Aran-style sweater with round neck, cardigan with small ‘sampler’ squares, sweater with cowl collar, and V neck sweater with delicate diamonds. sizes vary, 32"-50".
Book 68, Designed for Summer ES, Standard Gauge, £3.50 
All the designs from Book 67 but in sizes 42"-46"/50".
Book 67, Designed for Summer, Standard Gauge, £3.50 
Lace border, V neck tunic, striped/plain V neck tunic, both cotton; Fine Lace 3 ply jumper with long sleeves (ideal under jackets), short sleeved 4 ply crepe top. 24 stitch. Sizes vary, 34"/42".
Book 66, Powis Castle, Garter Carriage, £4.50
Previously called Accent On Ribs, now republished with colour and b&w photographs. Designed to make fabrics that lie fairly flat; classic ribbed waistcoat in DK, zigzag pattern tunic with slits (lies completely flat), round neck and V neck ribbed sweaters. All 4 ply. 24 stitch patterns. Sizes vary 32"-50".
Book 65, Country Carriage, Garter Carriage, £5.00
4 ply yarns with a country feel, V neck cardigan with pockets, waistcoat with collar, round neck and fold-over collar sweaters, boxy jumper. Sizes vary 30"-50".
Book 64, Caernarfon Castle, Garter Carriage, £4.50
Three garments using Bonnies/Bramwell's Sable Crepe. Round neck jumper & V neck jumper with long or short sleeves; tunic with contrasting border pattern. Sizes vary 30"-48".
Book 63, Baby Warmers, Standard Gauge, £4.50
All tuck stitch trouser suit, pram suit, all-in-one, jumper with collar, for boys or girls, chest sizes 16"-22". Beautiful ‘Baby’ blanket, Fair Isle on front, st st on reverse, trim attached on knitting machine.
Book 62, Simply Chenille, Standard Gauge, £3.00
Short sleeved jumper with rolled neckline, longline sweater with cable, flat rib, V neck cardigan; Yeoman 4 ply chenille. Sizes vary from 32"-52".
Book 61, Summer in Panama, Garter Carriage, £5.00
Six Summer patterns in Yeoman Panama. Our popular short sleeved top with matching cardigan (both classic length), waistcoat, summer sweater, V neck tunic and longline V neck cardigan. Sizes vary 32"-50".
Book 60, Bright Designs for Under 5's, Standard Gauge, £4.50
To fit approx 9 months to 6 years, for boys and girls. Sizes 20"-26". 8 patterns including jacket, skirts, jumpers, waistcoat and slipover, stocking stitch, tuck and Fair Isle.
Book 59, Bright Designs for Under 5’s, Garter Carriage, £4.50
To fit 9 months-6 years approx. 10 patterns, DK & 4 ply, including jacket, jumpers, cardigans, waistcoats & skirts. Designs for boys and girls. Sizes 20"-26".
Book 58, Harlech Castle, Garter Carriage, £6.00
DK jacket and 4 longline sweaters in Superwash Wool, beautiful classic designs with a variety of collars and necklines; lots of specially designed borders. Sizes vary 30"-50". (New edition available very soon).
Book 57, Sweaters for Men, Garter Carriage, £5.00
Five garments in a variety of yarns by Forsell; Round neck & V neck sweaters in DK, waistcoat in Rutland Tweed, round neck sweater in Sheepbreeds-Jacobs, and V neck sweater in Superwash Pure New Wool, all 4 ply yarns. Four sweaters and a waistcoat. Sizes vary 34"-52".
Book 56, Modern Tuck Stitch Designs, Vol 2, Standard Gauge, £4.00
More modern tuck stitch designs made to look like garter carriage. Jacket with Fair Isle borders, 3 longline sweaters and a classic length sweater. All 4 ply. Sizes 32"-46"/50".
Book 55, Monmouth Castle, Garter Carriage, £6.00
Wonderful value! 3 longline sweaters in 4 ply; matching gansey style sweater and round neck cardigan in 4 ply; classic 4 ply jumper with matching DK jacket. Specially designed border patterns. 7 patterns in all, sizes 30"-48".
Book 54, V Neck Designs for Men, Standard Gauge, £4.00
Tuck stitch drop shoulder, stocking stitch slipover, semi-set in sleeve and saddle shoulder sweaters, Fair Isle waistcoat. 36"/38"-48"/54".
Book 53, Longline Waistcoats, Vol 2, Standard Gauge, £2.50
Stocking stitch with lace border, vertical Fair Isle pattern, English rib with contrast binding. All 4 ply Acrylics, sizes 34"-44"/48".
Book 52, The Tops For Summer, ES, Standard Gauge, £3.00
Five tops from book 51 (no cropped top), sizes 42"-48".
Book 51, The Tops For Summer, Standard Gauge, £3.50
Six summer tops with short sleeves, various necklines, some set in & semi-set in sleeves, 3 tuck stitch & 3 stocking stitch, soft cotton, crepe and acrylic. Sizes 34"-42".
Book 50, Country Classics, Chunky Designs, £4.00
Using textured HK Aran-weight yarns, waistcoat & cardigan in English rib, V neck sweater with cable detail, round neck and cowl collar sweaters using multi-coloured yarn and with contrast yarn details. Sizes 30"-48".
Book 49, Caerphilly Castle, Garter Carriage, £6.00
Beautifully warm DK jacket with cable-effect design and DK sweater with scalloped borders and cowl collar; 3 sweaters, all 4 ply, including another cable-effect design with no hand tooling! Specially designed bands, cuffs, welts and collars make this collection unbeatable. Sizes vary, 30"-46"
Book 48, Modern girls Essentials, Garter Carriage, £4.00
Girls age 7-12; 2 cardigans and 3 sweaters. V and round necks, DK & 4 ply. Two of these patterns match those in the lady’s book, Book 49. Longline. 28"-32".
Book 47, Modern Tuck Stitch Designs, Standard Gauge, £4.00
For ladies, 5 new, original and modern tuck stitch designs with textures similar to garter carriage work. Jacket with full needle rib borders; four longline sweaters (including a cowl collar), 4 ply and one 3 ply. Sizes 30"-48".
Book 46, Modern Girls Stay Cool, Standard Gauge, £4.00
Age 7-12, cropped top, short sleeve, below waist length jumper and cardigan, 2 waistcoats, cotton sweater, sleeveless top. Sizes 28"-30".
Book 45,  GC Classics, Longline Waistcoats, £3.00
Longline cardigan (30"-48") in 4 ply. Longline Aran-style waistcoat in 4 ply with similar longline waistcoat in DK. Sizes 30"-48".
Book 44, Modern Girls Keep Warm, Standard Gauge, £3.50
Girls age 7-12, all longline: waistcoat, cardigan and sweater with pockets, Fair Isle sweater, border pattern sweater, all 4 ply, sizes 28"-32".
Book 43, Dual Carriageway, Garter Carriage, £4.50
Excellent value. DK Aran-style sweater for men and jacket for ladies; DK fancy rib sweater for men and tunic for ladies; 4 ply honeycomb V neck sweater for men and V neck cardigan for ladies; 4 ply gansey style sweaters for men and ladies. 8 patterns. Sizes vary, 30"-48".
Book 42, Impressions, Standard Gauge, £5.00
Two modern Fair Isle longline sweaters, geometric edge to edge jacket, classic jumper with buttoned V neck and semi-set in sleeves, V neck sweater with optional lace pattern. 4 ply. 32"-42"/46".
Book 41, GC classics, Vol 3, £4.00
Longline sweater with generous fold over collar and unusual ‘tree‘ design pattern, round neck sweater, gansey style sweater with garter stitch borders, classic jumper with buttoned V neck, evening top in Yeoman Aurora. 4 ply. 5 designs in all. Sizes vary from 30"-44".
Book 40, Baby Carriage, Garter Carriage, £4.00
Matinee coat, dress, V neck cardigan, matching round neck cardigan, jumper and trousers. Large shawl with borders and no sewing. Seven patterns, all in 4 ply. Sizes 16"-22".
Book 39, Baby's First Year, Standard Gauge, £4.00
Matinee coat, dress, crossover cardigan; matching jumper, cardigan and trousers, large tuck lace shawl. 4 ply. Sizes 16"-22".
Book 38, Summer Lace ES, Standard Gauge, £3.00
Five tops from book 36, 4 ply, sizes 42"-50".
Book 37, Summer Coolers ES, Standard Gauge, £3.00
Three tops from book 35, 4 ply, 42"-46".
Book 36, Summer Lace, Standard Gauge, £5.00
For machines with a separate lace transfer carriage. Six summer tops, short sleeves & sleeveless, a variety of necklines. All 4 ply, sizes 32"-42".
Book 35, Summer Coolers, Standard Gauge, £5.00
5 sleeveless tops with a variety of necklines and trims, longer length and instructions for shorter lengths. One lightweight tuck stitch top in 1 strand of Hobby, 4 tops in soft cotton: tuck stitch, slip stitch and stocking stitch. Sizes 34"-42".
Book 34, Cardigans & Slipovers for Men, Standard Gauge, £4.00
Raglan, V neck cardigan with pockets. Fair Isle, drop shoulder cardigan. Tuck stitch and Fair Isle slipovers. Sizes from 38"-42"/48".
Book 33, Longline Waistcoats For Ladies, Standard Gauge, £2.00
2 straight edge-to-edge waistcoats (buttons can be added) – stocking stitch pure new wool (presses flat), Fair Isle in Acrylic. 32"-44".
Book 32, A Touch Of Class, Standard Gauge, £5.00
Longline V neck cardigan with semi set in sleeves and optional 'crocus' patterned border, longline tunic with set in sleeves and pockets, square neck top with set in sleeves and 'crocus' patterns, round neck jacket with glitter border and a warm Art Deco inspired sweater. Sizes 32"-42"/44". 
Book 31, Just For Boys, Standard Gauge, £4.00
Six patterns incl. 4 jumpers, Fair Isle sleeveless top and colour blocked jacket. All short floats. 4 ply. 24"-32".
Book 30, GC Classics, Vol 2, £4.00
Two jackets, 2 sweaters and a short sleeved top. All 4 ply, some Bonnies Sable Crepe. Classic lengths. Sizes vary from 32"-44".
Book 29, Chunky Designs Volume 3, for ladies & children £4.00
HK double-knit yarns, all stocking stitch, Ladies – two cardigans, two jumpers; children – cardigan and jumper. Sizes 24"-42".
Book 28, Fair Isle Designs for Ladies, standard gauge, £4.00
Five traditional Fair Isle designs, sweater and cardigans. Multi-coloured designs can be used with or without single bed colour changer. 2 designs in Magicolour. Easy knit. 4 ply. 32"-44".
Book 27, Skenfrith Castle, Garter Carriage, £5.00
Longline sweater with cowl collar, classic jumper, quick knit cardigan, 2 summer tops in Sable Crepe. 24 stitch patterns. All 4 ply. Sizes vary, 32"-44".
Book 26, Fair Isle Sweaters for Men, standard gauge, £5.00
Five sweaters for men, traditional Fair Isle designs specially arranged for machine knitting. V and round necks, shawl collar. Use with or without single bed colour changer. Includes 2 Magi-colour designs. Easy knit. 4 ply. Sizes 36"-44".
Book 25, Classic Jackets, standard gauge, £4.00
Three classic jackets: shawl collar, double breasted dog-tooth design, classic length; longline modern Fair Isle; classic longline jacket with pintuck and optional cable detail. All 4 ply. Sizes vary, 32"-42"/44".
Book 24, Tuck Stitch Jumpers, standard gauge, £3.00
Three tuck stitch jumpers for ladies, using the stitch designs from Book 16. 4 ply, sizes 24"-48".
Book 23, Lace Jumpers, standard gauge, £3.00
Four lace jumpers using the stitch designs from Book 15. Round neck, drop shoulder, 4 ply. For machines with separate lace transfer carriage only. Size 32"-42".
Book 22, Longline Sweaters, standard gauge, £5.00
Always a best seller, the five sweaters feature: stocking stitch sweater with pockets (hidden pocket bags) and cowl or round collar, Fair Isle sweater with cowl or round collar, sweater with border and stand up neckband patterns, polo neck sweater with patterned yoke, and sweater with fluted collar and scalloped hems. Sizes 32"-42".
Book 21, Just For Girls, standard gauge, £4.00
Ten patterns. A delightful collection of tops, cardigans, jumpers & skirts, using stocking stitch, tuck stitch and Fair Isle. All 4 ply Acrylic. Sizes 24"-32".
Book 20, Chunky Designs Volume 2, for men, £3.50
Aran-weight HK Acrylic with wool, three stocking stitch sweaters – round, V and shawl collar, and a tuck stitch sweater. Sizes 34"-44".
Book 19, Chunky Designs Volume 1, for ladies, £3.50
Aran-weight HK yarn, three round neck jumpers – stocking stitch, tuck stitch & Fair Isle, and a round neck longline cardigan/jacket with pockets. Sizes 32"-50" (sizes vary).
Book 18, Tuck Stitch Cardigans ES, standard gauge, £3.00
The three tuck stitch lady’s cardigans from Book 16, in sizes 42"-48"/50".
Book 17, Lace Cardigans ES, standard gauge, £3.00
The four lace lady’s cardigans from Book 15, sizes 42"-48"/50".
Book 16,Tuck Stitch Cardigans, standard gauge, £3.50
Three lady’s and two girl’s drop shoulder cardigans, small & large tuck patterns, V & round necks. 4 ply, Sizes 24"-42".
Book 15, Lace Cardigans, standard gauge, £3.50
For machines with separate lace transfer carriages. Four lady’s & two girl’s drop shoulder cardigans, V and round necks, drop shoulder. All 4 ply. Sizes 24"-42".
Book 14, Summer Collection ES, standard gauge, £2.50
Two tops, cardigan and tuck stitch jumper, all 4 ply crepe. Easy &quick, 40"-48"
Book 13, Schoolwear, standard gauge, £3.50
V neck, drop shoulder cardigans and jumpers for children & teens, in 4 ply and DK on standard gauge machines. Children’s sizes 24"-30", 31"-34".
Book 12, Summer Collection, standard gauge, £4.00
Not just for summer, these designs will be useful all year round! Easy shawl collar cardigan; lace top; Fine Lace top with square neck and cap sleeves; versatile sweater in Yeoman Panama has long or short, semi set in, sleeves, V neck, and Fair Isle bands; and a short sleeve, round neck top.
Book 11, Saddle shoulder sweaters, standard gauge, £3.00
3 classic, 4 ply, round neck, easy saddle shoulder sweaters, child, lady & man, sizes 24"-44"
Book 10, Fisherman's Rib Sweaters, standard gauge, £3.00
3 classic, 4 ply, drop shoulder, round neck sweaters, child, lady & man, sizes 24"-48".
Book 9, English Rib Sweaters, standard gauge, £3.00
Three classic, 4 ply, drop shoulder, round neck sweaters for child, lady, man, sizes 24"-48".
Book 8, Spring Classics, standard gauge, £4.00
Matching classic style cardigan and top with lace panels, long or short semi-set in sleeves, in Panama; tuck stitch and lace classic style sweaters in 4 ply crepe. Sizes 34"-40".
Book 7, Classic Quartet, standard gauge, £3.00
Pleated skirt and 3 matching jumpers, all in 3 ply. The skirt is made on the ribber and does not need steaming. Sizes 34"-38".
Book 6, Garter Carriage Sweaters, £2.50
‘first’ book using Brother punchcards. 3 round neck, drop shoulder sweaters for child, lady and man. All 4 ply. Sizes 24"-44".
Book 5, V Neck Cardigans, standard gauge, £2.00
Lady’s and child’s V neck, drop shoulder cardigans. Sizes 34"-38".
Book 4, Suitably Basic, standard gauge, £2.00
Sideways knit skirt with matching sleeveless top. 4 ply crepe. Sizes 34"-38" - but the skirt can be increased to any size by knitting extra panels.
Book 3, Dolmans, standard gauge, £2.50
Three classic dolmans. Stocking stitch with rib button trim, stocking stitch with Fair Isle bands, 3 ply tuck stitch. Sizes 34"-38".
Book 2, Summer Tops in Crepe, standard gauge, £4.00
Quick to knit summer tops and matching cardigan in 4 ply Bonnies or Bramwell's Sable crepe. Includes V front & back tuck stitch top, optional stripes on the cardigan and matching cap sleeved tops. Sizes 34"-42".
Book 1, Drop Shoulder Sweaters, standard gauge, £4.00
Excellent Value – Ten patterns. All round neck, drop shoulder. Stocking stitch, tuck stitch, Fair Isle and lace, patterns for children, ladies and men. Sizes 24"-44".